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We are proud to share our authentic taste of Papaya and other healthy beverages with you. We also have an amazing selection of other non-alcoholic beverages. Only the best quality materials are used to ensure your mix and sips are perfections every time. We hope that when the time for you to leave, you walk away with pleasant memories of wonderful tastes, a sweet smile on your face, satisfaction and an itch to be back again – real soon!



Shyam Juice Centre

We prepare all our drinks with the same amount of dedication and special attention that we give to our Papaya Juices. It comprises Fresh Fruit Counter, shakes, and Natural Pulpy juices.


Papaya Cafe

We present you a destination for a long conversation of one of your favorite café to hangout with your friends and family. We offer you tasty bites, beverages, and dessert to enjoy.


Bolti Band Paan Parlour

There is no better way to end a meal than munching on a paan with a variety of ingredients. Treat yourself to some delicious Paan from our very own Boltiband Paan shop.


Outdoor Catering

We have a delicious handcrafted treat that's sure to satisfy outdoor parties and events. If you want something sweet and refreshing, try out our special menu for outdoor catering.

Our Exclusive Possessions


Delicious Papaya Juice

We are the only best suppliers of papaya juice serving over 35 years in Jaipur...


Famous Paan & Paanthal

Unique paan flavors which you must try especially after having your meal...


Cut Fruits Counter

Papaya Caterers has also gained its popularity for beautifully carved cut fruits.

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